Are You Soliciting Referrals or Building Relationships?

Referrals based on a Relationship?  Or is it a Solicitation for Referrals?


I was flying home last summer from a training class and talking with a younger agent about what he learned from the training.  I had earned this trip and the 4 day training, the company paid for the trip, and I being self employed took the 4 days off to get this “Advanced Training Class”. 

As a coach and trainer, in training…  I was curious what everyone was going implement when they got home.   The young agent excitedly showed me the marketing piece he was happy to start using for his past happy client family. 

It was beautifully done.  This type of scene is done professional actors and models.  …But enough like everyday people that they could almost really be the standard Happy Past Client.

In this beautiful scene Mom, Dad, and the laughing Children are huddled on their couch being… You guessed it…  Past Happy Client Family.

 For full effect, I hope you are imagining this in your mind now, should be easy as you have seen this same type of photo before.  

This picture takes 1/3 the page, and just below this beautiful happy family including kids is a company written blurb about referrals, that should inspire any client to fill in the name and numbers of all his close friends..  

After the patriotic paragraph about how you and the company made them just that Happy Clients the best part…

Company Initiated, Company Sponsored…. 

Bold Lines and (Thank goodness for the truly enthusiastic) there are 28 spaces for the names and numbers of their best and most successful friends.

It’s a Solicitation.  Bummer… it started as relationship.

So, how do you actively generate referrals without the above formula?

No secret most companies have a formula for referrals

That formula usually is… Pester, Pester, Pester, Beg, Beg, Pester, Pester, and repeat…

What can we do instead? 

We recommend that you have a system for reminding clients (and friends) that you are in the Market for Referrals.   Remind them, that you respect them and value their relationship. And that you are a valuable resource and professional in your field. 

Then be that trusted advisor in your field, so that when they naturally run across people whom could use your services… 

  • They will call you…  
  • Because they have heard from you frequently enough that they remember you. 
  • We have just this type of system here at Referrals Matter…

We have a marketing system designed to get you referrals

Then you are notified:

  • What market piece when out…
  • To whom it went out…
  • When it went out…

… and your clients –phone number, so all you have to do is pick up the phone and make a short phone call.. 

And get your referrals!

Contact Referrals Matters today to arrange a 15 minute discussion to discover a system that effectively generates Real Estate Referrals.   Ninety-eight percent (98%) of Realtor® and Lenders that see this program agree that this system will generate at least 1 Referral per year (more by completing the action steps), per client per year, and sign up… 

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