As a Realtor how are you setting yourself apart from the crowd?

Tarrant County, Texas 2011

  • Population 1,809,034 per US Census
  • Number of Houses sold – 16,378 per NTREIS
  • Number of Realtors who sold a house – 3,271 per NTREIS
  • Potentially, 1 out of every 553 people in Tarrant County are Realtors

So as a Realtor, how are you setting yourself apart from the crowd?

People do not get excited about the ordinary, do you? People talk about things that surprise them or make them feel great about themselves. The extraordinary! The unexpected!

Every Realtor can list a house. So what makes you special? To be successful (I mean beyond paying the bills) this is a question that screams for an answer. What’s yours?

How many referrals did you get in 2011? Referrals are a measure of the “Experience” you are providing your clients. The better the experience the more referrals you should expect.

Expecting referrals is not about you; it’s about the customer. It’s about giving them an experience, one they cannot forget or stop talking about. (Hopefully a good experience)

According to NAR, in Texas 2011:

  • Home buyers used a Realtor 82% of the time
  • They found their agent 40% of the time by referral
  • 88% say they would probably use the same agent again
  • Yet only 14% used the same Realtor to buy another house

With 16,378 houses sold and only 40% sold by referral… Somebody  worked hard to sell 9,826 houses without a referral. Selling houses by referrals is easy.

If 88% of buyers say they would use the same agent again, why did only 14% actually do it? Was it the “experience” they had or did they forget who you are?

Referrals Matter is in the business of making sure they don’t forget who you are, you have to provide the “experience”.

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