Calling all 60%’s! Are you following the laws of marketing? For Referrals?

Market yourself or perish!  According to NAR (in Texas), 88% of buyers will use the same realtor again, but only 14% do! Here’s why!

Many  Real Estate professionals are great at marketing, but many times, they forget that someone else is marketing  them, and unintentionally not really for them. 

What does that mean?  What do the laws of marketing have to do with Realtors® – and Real Estate Referrals?

  • ·         Simply put the laws of marketing say that you MUST market a person at least 8 times a year!
  • ·         Marketing a Brand only requires 4 touches a year.  
  • ·         Company based marketing markets the Company Brand.  
  • ·            You have to Market yourself for Referrals

Don’t believe me yet?  Look at the top line again!  Repeat if necessary.  Read on when you are ready for the solution. 

Marketing a brand only take 4 touches a year.  Marketing a person is more in depth and takes at least 8 touches a year…  When you look at a business card of someone that you don’t know your focus naturally moves toward the branding.   Always.  Everyone is looking for company LOGO, not the actual person.  Marketing machines have trained us to do this.  To market the person (Realtor®) you have to draw attention away from the company branding to the actual person.  

This is one of the reasons that Realtors® subconsciously know to put their picture on their card.  The focus is successfully drawn away from the branding, and toward the Realtor®.  

I’m not placing blame on the company, their job is to market the brand (Brokerage), and you want them to do just that.  But let’s be honest with ourselves the company is doing very well.  

  • According to NAR, the Mammoth Majority – 85% will definitely (69 %) probably (16%) use or refer their Realtor® again.  
  • 79% will use the same company again. -NAR 
  • Only 14% use the same agent.  -NAR

Another NAR stat reminds us that 88% of people cannot remember the name of their Realtor® after just 3 years in their home.   But they can remember the company.  

Unfortunately, too many realtors are ONLY using the company’s marketing systems. 

Highly Productive Realtors® actively generating referrals have at least 1 system that is:

  • Not Company Generated
  • Not Company Sponsored
  • Not Company Oriented. 

Here is why.  They know those systems, by themselves, come off as a solicitation for the company. 

If these systems worked, all Realtors® would be rich by now, but they are not.

Many companies have great systems in place specifically designed to generate Realtor referrals while solidifying the relationship between client and realtor.   Ours takes the best aspects of the greatest of these, and brings them in a way that they:

  • Have Continuity and Consistency, so they are effective.
  • Affordable, so the Realtor® will actually use them – talk to us – you will be surprised.
  • Hands free, so the Realtors® don’t have to think or act upon anything.

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