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Today’s real estate market offers great choices and opportunities for today’s home buyers and sellers.  Most Buyers and Sellers (89% nationally according to NAR) rely on the experience and expertise of a Realtor.  Most (51%) cited selecting a realtor based on reputation and integrity, according to NAR.

78% rely on their Realtors as a Trusted Advisor for what NAR terms ‘A broad range of services and management of most aspects of the home sale’.   Seems they expect their Realtors® to have a team in place to assist with ‘most’ aspects.

Given that more are relying on the council and direction of Realtors now more than ever.  NAR reports a 29% increase from 69% (2001) to 89% nationally (2011) for Real Estate Agents.

So, how can you stop the drama, before it ever happens? Be proactive, while building your reputation as a Real Estate Agent that can get it done.

Many of our successful Realtors® say their secret is based on perception. This one hint will cost you a little time before a ‘crisis’.  And can save you hours of talking buyers and sellers, down off the roof.

  • Have a team in place.  You will look prepared beforehand.
  • Send a pre listing or buyer’s packet ahead of the appointment.
  • They should receive your packet 48 hours before the meeting.

Let’s face it real estate transactions tend to have some drama.   Sometimes great drama – however, if your clients feel their Real Estate Agent can take care of them, they are easier to calm when there is a hiccup.

And the simple Intro packet ahead of time will assure them that you have been through this rodeo before and of your ability to assist in the face of a struggle.

Consider having the following in the Pre Listing or buyers meeting…

  • Easy Moving check list, including timeframes
  • Local utilities.
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Numbers and Contact sheets…
  • Vendors List:  Yes Vendors…

So, what about the vendors around you?  Can they be useful in getting transactions back on track and setting them up for Real Estate Referrals?  Without a doubt!  You HAVE to recommend certain vendors from time to time.  You CAN and WILL recommend them often if the vendors are shown how to assist you in getting a transaction back on track.

Vendors don’t naturally know, not to get involved in a real estate transaction, but trained before hand can be instrumental in allowing you to calm client nerves.  And, of course will reinforce the your professionalism which helps set you up for referrals

So meet with the your vendors and tell them how to not get involved with the transaction, when to call you first, and recommend them often.  You will be amazed how often you can stack up IOUs that can be called in when you really need a blue chip favor.

Suggestions for vendors for the same pre info kit:

  • Local utility vendors, phone, cable, water, etc.
  • Title Companies with go to names and number.
  • Contractors (that you referral regularly – so that you can call in a Blue Chip Favor), plumbers, roofers, handyman, etc.
  • Elevation Survey Company, (we have had numerous changes in the flood management )
  • A Professional Insurance Agency.

We have these relationships in place and I cannot begin to tell you how they have saved our necks, and have assisted in setting our clients up for repeat referrals.

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