Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


How many referrals can I expect?

Typically, our realtors agree, that one extra referral per homeowner is appropriate. That’s one extra referral per year per homeowner for 5 years.  More if you follow-up with phone calls.

How long does the program last?

It’s designed to last up to 5 years per client depending on…

How can you do this?

We genuinely care about you generating more referrals, but the answer you want to hear is that we have the power of referrals to make this happen.  Otherwise, the cost of the other 4 years would cause this program to start.

You mentioned that marketing go for me goes out for up to 5 years.   Does yours go with it?

Absolutely Not! We have our own marketing.  The homeowner will only see your marketing.

Why do you do this?

Well, the most direct answer is that all our business is completely by referral and we wish the same for you.  We have generated over 700 referrals since Aug 2008, for our business, and have developed this improved strategy to do the same for yours…

How do I get Started?

When you set an appointment you will discover exactly how we can do this for you. Attend one of our events or contact us and we will meet at your office. Within 15 minutes you will not can learn if this is a fit for you.

How can I learn more?

Email us at for more information.

What does this cost?

It depends, the system will cost you nothing or possibly $20 per homeowner per year.  Your referral into the system makes it work for us both.

Can we do this for all my clients?

Yes ( and No ) we can get as many of your home buyers into the system as you want.




Building Your Business One Referral at a Time