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This is NOT for Everyone!

Unless You Want MORE Business





What if you could Change this Cycle?


According to NAR – after 3 years of home ownership,

88% of homeowners could not name the realtor who sold them the house.

After you worked so hard, you’re FORGOTTEN!


What if there was a 5-YEAR “Remember Me!” Follow Up CAMPAIGN!,
that is easy to use!

A follow up campaign that:                                                                                              realtor

  1. Touches them a minimum of 41 times in 5 years!                       
  2. That has YOUR signature on the card!
  3. That includes your business card in the mailer!
  4. That asks for referrals!
  5. That you set up once and forget about!
  6. That emails you every time they’re contacted
  7. That sends you a monthly report of who was contacted


Sending them 41 cards in 5 years, would they, maybe remember you?  
Would they, maybe mention you to a family member or a friend? Would they,
maybe call you to sell their home and find them a new home?


This is about:

  1. Keeping the relationship you build with every buyer
  2. Making that relationship stronger realtor
  3. Keeping you in their mind for Real Estate
  4. Working smarter and using automation


Prospecting is HARD (and expensive).
Referrals are EASY (and FREE).


So What’s the Catch?


realtorYou’re working with a new home buyer and they’re going to need homeowners insurance.

I want a referral.

When you refer me and they do business with me, we’ll set up your 5 Year “Remember Me!” Campaign! So you can get referrals!


If this isn’t a Win – Win – Win scenario, I don’t know what is!


And with a steady flow of referrals…We all keep on winning!


For more information, contact me at….. 817.723.7223 or email me at david@referralsmatter.com.


Wishing you all good things…


David Offutt

Building Your Business One Referral at a Time